LP-40US uses a blue laser + fluorescent color scheme, light source service life up to 20000 hours without maintenance。 Full color scale, 4000 high Luminance, super short throw and easy to assemble。 Best choice for high-end business and special industries。

120 inchs, full high definition quality

Full high definition, impressive 3D effect

Colorful and structured

Outstanding display effect even under bright environment

World leading laser light source. Low light attenuation rate. Over 20000 hours service life guaranteed.

Color scale of REC709>90%, LCD TVs 70%, normal projects has only 40%

Ultra significant experience in small space。

Multi-screen seamless combination, arbitrary picture display.

Reach full scale luminance with no standby time.

Less electricity consumption。 Low noise。 Reflected light source and diffraction display。 No harm to eyes。


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